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Battletech – Inner Sphere Direct Fire Lance

By | 06/29/2022

Battletech. It has always been something I have been aware of in gaming, both on the table top and on PC/XBox. Anyone who knows me or has followed this site or my Instagram knows I have a real fondness for giant robots. Battletech personifies that! Catalyst Game Labs are the current holders of the license… Read More »

A Knight or two – Crusader and Gallant / Despoiler and Ravager

By | 09/17/2021

The Forges of both the Warp and the Mechanicum continue to churn and produce Knights for the Long War. These come as both the slaved versions of their Imperial masters and the freed engines of Heresy. In my latest seclusion I have been working on just such a pair of glorious machines, which could be… Read More »