The Iron Circle

By | 23rd September 2019

In the Horus Heresy assassin’s once struck directly at Perturabo in his ship, the Iron Blood. He saw this as a failure of his Iron Warriors, even though he destroyed the Imperial Fists who attacked easily. In response to this he created the Iron Circle. Massive robots, linked directly to the Primarch of the IVth Legion and heavily armed.

Iron Warriors - Iron Circle front

The Lord of Iron saw these and truly superior to his previous honour guard. They would not tire and were utterly loyal. Combine this with their fearsome armament and they became the perfect bodyguard unit.

My version is still a work in progress but I needed to have at least one. They are fantastic models in their own right but I am tempted with the idea of turning it into an Iron Warriors demon prince.

Iron Warriors - Iron Circle rear

I should not have let this distract me from my Iron Warriors Landraider but alas my hobby focus hasn’t been great lately. Maybe I should sort that before Armies on Parade…


8 thoughts on “The Iron Circle

  1. Thor

    I’ve always loved these models. I can see using one as a Prince – good idea. Nice work on the painting too.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thank you. Tempted to replace both arms with giant chain blades for malefic talons.

  2. Drachnien

    I have two of these waiting to be done up as contemptor drednoughts in my TOTALLY iron hands stock primaris army.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Sneaky some heresy in eh? I like it. That is how people get started.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      It really goes match his ethos, doesn’t it? He used to roll around with nine of these at any one time. Pretty horrific!


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