Iron Warriors WiP: Landraider from Rogue Trader

By | 16th September 2019

We are back with a blast from the past, the original Rogue Trader* era Landraider. I have had this model kicking around for 15+ years and it goes back much further than that. Originally, I believe it was part of a Space Wolves great company, based on the grey undercoat it came with. I have seen many conversions of these over the years, but I couldn’t find it in myself to change it. Everything has been kept in the configuration I received it in. Well nearly everything, for some reason the original came with open box shapes beside the front tracks. I never understood that. So I covered it up simply and applied the usual hazard stripes.

Iron Warriors Landraider Rogue Trader front left

There was quiet a lot of caked on paint to be removed and tracks were not lined up correctly when glued together. Sanding them down to remove the ridges and create some uniformity. After that I picked off some paint that had caked badly over the years in nooks and crannies. Which is quite funny when compared to the work the person puts out these days.

Iron Warriors Landraider Rogue Trader rear left

As you can see the lascannons are setup up differently that the usual setup and have got very little paint. This is because I am partially at a loss of what to do with them. I am tempted to put some glowing blue OSL on the end to match the rest of my Iron Warriors.

Iron Warriors Landraider Rogue Trader front right

The temptation with Iron Warriors is to spray it silver, slap some hazard stripes on and call it done. But I wanted to try make this look a bit more weathered. Serviceable but having been in the wars so to speak. So all the bolts, joins and such have had some grim applied. The hazard stripes I so carefully painted have been battered up and highlighted. It is start to feel right.

Iron Warriors Landraider Rogue Trader top down

Next up will be some decals, doing something with those lascannons and address the exhausts.

What do you think so far?

*Everytime I go to say or type Rogue Trader a little voice in my head tries to call it Rogue Trooper.


7 thoughts on “Iron Warriors WiP: Landraider from Rogue Trader

  1. Thor

    Nice work. Good job on that weathering. Little touches like that go a long way. Same with the gritty tracks.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thanks Thor. I just didn’t think the straight from the factory look would suit my Iron Warriors. Plus I saw it as a technique before and had to try it. The tracks cover the sins of the past as hide the bad seams as well. Not sure mud needs anything more. Thoughts?

      1. Thor

        I feel like it needs a few scratches on there. Break up the metal color a bit and tie it in with the rest of the weathering.

  2. WestRider

    Looking great! I’ve always loved that Model, and this is a great look for it. Looks like it’s had a new hatch/pintle mount done as well. Was that by the previous owner?

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      So the hatch it from the previous owner, I hadn’t noticed it was different until you mentioned it. But it had no gun. I wanted something on there to represent the heavy bolter and combi flamer I was going to equip it with, so I put that together.


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