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By | 07/30/2019

While I have been busy preparing a new space for airbrushing I noticed I have not out up my Iron Warriors recently. Turns out I had more than I remember. Hence this showcase.

Iron Within

Thankfully this army can work in both Warhammer 40K and the Horus Heresy. Chaos has always been a draw for me and Warhammer 30K has plenty of my sort of traitor marine. The cataphractii terminators were a real draw for me, the imagery of them striding through sheer weight of fire is great. Sadly the rules don’t quite reflect this but ah well.

The breachers are another example of a unit that suits the background of the Iron Warriors. They are perfect for Zone Mortalis, storming through corridors with locked shields. The grav guns, on the left, are not forgotten by the Chaos legions by the time of 40K, but will stand in fine for plasma guns.

The brute squad. I have always loved dreadnoughts, of all shapes and sizes. This picture shows that off rather well but I still feel the need to add some more. Maybe another leviathan… And a deredo… And some more box dreads… Or a contemptor.

Of course you can’t have an army without leaders, so I have Perturabo and my Warsmith: Curax the Butcher. The Primarch is armed with his looted hammer and I removed him from the downed knight Forgeworld had him standing on. (That is currently with my Wraithknight)

So that is my the current state of my Iron Warriors and this has gotten me eager to work on my 2,000 point list for them. It is 40K only as I don’t know the Horus Heresy rules at all.

6 thoughts on “Iron Warriors showcase

  1. WestRider

    Iron within! Iron without! Those are looking awesome all together like that, dude! It’s become quite the collection.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thanks, I love them in the background and the models. A real work of passion this.

  2. Thor

    That’s a great looking army you’ve got. It’s always fun to get everything together for a picture. I’m long overdue for something like that. Anyway, it’s awesome seeing this come together. Well done.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thanks chief, will be trying to pull them together for a list and get some fights in this year.


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