Iron Warriors WiP: Cataphractii and Dreadnoughts

By | 12/28/2018

Iron Warriors Cataphractii Terminators, is there any better looking models? Ok maybe there are but I think they are so perfectly suited to each other. The IVth Legion suits the heavy, straight forward, layered armour of this armour. This army isn’t being put together for either Horus Heresy or Warhammer 40K 8th edition, more as a project of imagination.

I think these will work well along side my 30K Breachers and my Leviathan conversion. But I haven’t been just working on them, so here is where I am…

Iron Warriors Cataphractii

Iron Warriors Cataphractii tactical

12th Tactical – Burnside

All three units have heavy flamers, as that is what they came with and are perfect for brutal in close range combat. This was the first squad I did, oh so long ago. They formed the blueprint for Iron Warriors, framing in my mind how they operated in the Horus Heresy.

Iron Warriors Cataphractii close combat squad

37th Assault – Voidclaws

The Voidclaws prefer to get even closer to their victims, with three sets of lightening claws. The sarge has a chainfist to ensure no barrier can delay his squad.

Iron Warriors Cataphractii wip

The Gloryhounds

The last group is by far the least finished. They are led by the glory hungry Golg, at least the model I think he is meant to represent. They act as his personal bodyguards.


Iron Warriors Dreadnought

Standard enough box-dread that I have a lot of love for. I know people in Horus Heresy are all about the Leviathans and Contemptors, but the standard dread still works for me. Twin lascannon and giant powerfist works well as a combo.

Iron Warriors Contemptor

Standard Betrayal of Calth plastic Contemptor, I went with the kheres because rule of cool.

Iron Warriors Ironclad Dreadnought

Lastly there is the, sadly now out of production, Mk IV Ironclad Dreadnought. I have gone with some heavy wear and tear on this one to show the weight of fire it walks through to apply its ram to enemy fortifications.

This model has wonderful character to it and I am just delighted to have it in my force.

Perturabo, the Lord of Iron

Just a quick very early stages show of my work on the Primarch. So much more to do. The red will become a glow from the armour.

Iron Without, Iron Within!

6 thoughts on “Iron Warriors WiP: Cataphractii and Dreadnoughts

  1. Westrider

    The Cataphractii really are perfect for the Iron Warriors. Not so much for some other Legions, tho. I’ve always thought that Lernean Termies should use Tartaros instead.

  2. Siph

    I love the Ironclad MKIV Dread too, so glad I got one for my Relictors. The Cataphractii Termies look great, I’m debating what to Arm mine with, a Heavy Flamer and CCW sounds good, Tank a few wounds with the better Invul, and have a Heavy Flamer as a counter to being charged is always a nice option.

  3. Thor

    You really have quite the force going now, and it’s all looking very nice. I didn’t realize you had Perturabo; that should be a fun project, and a great start with the OSL on him.


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