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Chaos Showcase – Tzeentched CSM Possessed and Sorcerer

+++ Counts As CSM Possessed and Sorcerer  +++ These little monsters come from /r/Warhammer40K user Tzeentched. Reddit user Tzeentched has gifted me with another chance to show off some of his stunning Thousand Sons, this time a selection of Possessed and a Sorcerer. So over to the demon itself: My brother got me a box of Greyknights for… Read More »

Thousand Sons: 2000 point Tratiors Hate Decurion

So I have spent a good while trying to make a list from the Black Crusade Decurion and then they announce the Wrath of Magnus. Which will have a spread of formations specifically for Thousand Sons… so I am going to put this out there anyway as something to look back on when we get… Read More »

Doomrider Complete

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh: Doomrider Well I got there in the end and Doomrider is complete. Sadly the pictures are letting me down again and the folding light studio I scraped together some money to buy has still not arrived. But he/it/she is ready for the big ride.Click over there for part the first, part the second agus… Read More »