Thousand Sons Warpsmith

By | 24th March 2017

+++ Thousand Sons Warpsmith +++

If you follow along with my site you will notice I like my Chaos war machines, so I thought it was about time to make a Thousand Sons Warpsmith. So may I present Warpsmith Ghobhainn.

Thousand Sons Warpsmith front

Thousand Sons Warpsmith

This model was originally my Iskander Khayon model but I am replacing that with the more heavily detailed Evil Craft one. But I still liked the look of the base model I had created so when I got the Anvil Industries servo harness a plan formed. If you check the link above I originally had a large axe in Khayon’s right hand and since Warpsmiths come with power axes I thought this would be perfect. Sadly despite being able to pose all four arms of the harness I just couldn’t get the axe to work. Which leads to the next picture.

Thousand Sons Warpsmith wrench ace

Power wrench axe

The power wrench axe! This actually came with the kit and I fell in love with the idea of it being a multipurpose weapon tool. I imagine the forges of my Thousand Sons war cabal, The Host of Rememberance, are a dangerous place. No clean garages like those Loyalists.

Anvil Industries servo harness

Anvil Industries servo harness

A couple of pictures of the workings of the servo harness. I added an extra spare vent to tie it back into the bespoke Thousand Sons style. Although now I am looking at the pictures I am wondering should I have painted the skull on it. Hmmm.

Thousand Sons Warpsmith

I wanted Ghobhainn to have a bit of an unusual looking pistol, so I fell back to Anvil Industries again and grabbed one of those and added a sight from the same range. I think it works in the end.

Thousand Sons Warpsmith pistol

So what do you think folks? I know traditionally Thousand Sons wouldn’t have Warpsmiths but I like to think Ghobhainn has some latent power. This meant he survived the Rubric and has worked on ever since.

The servo harnes, they call it a mech arm, is over on their site here.