Renegade Knight completed: The Wrath walks once more

By | 01/10/2018

We have the completed Renegade Knight to show off now. The standard weapon options I plan to run Wrath with will be twin Avenger Gatling Cannons and the Stormspear Rocketpod. Other options will be painted up in due time but she is complete for now.

Renegade Knight twin avenger gatling cannons 01

The Wrath in all her glory

The possibilities with the knight kit are amazing, especially if you put in the effort to use magnets. The kit practically begs for them, the elbows seem built for it. Magnets in the torso are a must to help with transportation. Plus it gives you plenty of options for posing it.

Front view Renegade Knight twin avenger gatling cannons 02

I removed the faceplate in the end

In the end I removed the faceplate, I just didn’t feel it suited. Some of the other helms might work so they will be trialled but for now I am happy with this look.

Mechanicus logo Renegade Knight twin avenger gatling cannons 03

Distressed cog symbol Renegade Knight twin avenger gatling cannons 04

Keeping the faith

Transfers are always problematic to me but in this case I think I managed to pull it off. This was helped no end by micro sol and set and my plan to distress the icons as well. While the Wrath is a Renegade Knight it still keeps to its old markings.

Distressed imperial logo Renegade Knight twin avenger gatling cannons 05

Not sure if mocking old allegiances or not

Although some of those markings have been altered quite a bit.

Renegade Knight twin avenger gatling cannons 06

Battle cannon and reaper chainsword renegade knight 07

Always nice to have options

In time we will get a full set of weapons to play with, after all how can you resist that reaper chainsword! My time spent on this makes me want to go back and repaint my Castigator to bring it up to scratch.

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15 thoughts on “Renegade Knight completed: The Wrath walks once more

  1. Thor

    Great job. Having painted one of these, I know it’s no small task, and getting it done is an accomplishment all its own.

    The patina weathering and the distressed iconography all came out awesome. You’ve got quite the piece in your collection now.

  2. Westrider

    That looks great! I really do appreciate how just leaving the mask off is a perfectly viable option for the head on them.

      1. Westrider

        I just like that the option is there. Not like they just left a blank space underneath so you had to use one of the masks.

  3. D Power

    Ooh yes, that’s how you paint a renegade IK. Very nice, and I get what you mean about magnetizing the elbows! It always pays to have a couple of spare kits floating around, it certainly beats trying to magnetize muzzles…

  4. Doug

    Lean, mean and not too far in between…I like it! Excellent job on the weathering.

  5. Mordian7th

    Beautifully done, man – She’s a beauty!

  6. Al

    Looks great! Did you have to do much fiddling to have the legs posed the way that you have them?

      1. Al

        haha yeah I think there was a display at warhammer world with about 20 idenitically posed knights in a row. More like a can can chorus line!


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