Konflikt ’47: Daughters of the Motherland – Finished 

By | 01/07/2018

The Daughters of the Motherland are finally finished and ready to strike fear into their enemies. The last details of the weapons have been picked out, which really brought the models together.

This set was sent over for me to review from Alchemists Workshops. So thanks to them once more for that. The two previous posts for these warriors are here and here.

Overall I am delighted with how they look as a unit. They have been slogging through the Russian winter and fighting the enemy where ever they find them.

Some close ups:

Sadly I don’t have any other Konflikt ’47 pieces to show them off with, but I do have a gothic KV2 to pair them up with.

What do you think?

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Thanks again to Alchemists Workshops for sending these over:

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4 thoughts on “Konflikt ’47: Daughters of the Motherland – Finished 

  1. Thor

    Well done.

    Some constructive criticism is they feel a bit flat. Nothing that some heavy washes couldn’t rectify, but I know you have the snow on there already, so that’s problematic. Still, a good looking crew.

    Not that you have a Guard army (that I know of), but they’d make great Guard.

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Cheers for the comments and feedback. I don’t think appear quite so flat in person but I will keep that in mind.

      I do think they could be great stand ins for alternative guard, militia or even cultists.

      1. Thor

        With miniatures you really have to go big with shadows and highlights. Like, it will look like too much when you’re painting, but then you turn off the light, hold it away from you, and it looks perfect.


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