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Right handed Thunderstrike Gauntlet conversion

Dreadtober rolls on and I am building a Knight Gallant. Mainly due to the imagery of this machine barrelling through buildings and enemies, smashing them all aside. But I do like converting knights and I really wanted a pair of Thunderstrike Gauntlets. So that means it was time to get cutting… Thunderstrike Gauntlet conversion tutotial… Read More »

Warhammer 40k 8th edition Thousand Sons – Traits, Psychic Powers and Stratagems

Over on Reddit there is a sub called r/ThousandSons, which I am a regular visitor to. One of the mods, called Alizarium, has a wonderful Thousand Sons guide. They have allowed me to post it up here for general consumption. I will be breaking it into two parts due to its size. Please do note,… Read More »