Dreadtober 2019 – Week 2 progress

By | 10/12/2019

Dreadtober rolls into week 2 and we start to see some progress pushing through. Plagueburst crawlers, carnifexes, a knight and an actual dreadnought! Darren has joined the challenge this month to make us a legitimate entry to Dreadtober with not one but two primaris dreads.

Our week 1 post is here.


Plague burstcrawler and deathguard

Despite being distracted by finishing the basing on half my army I’ve managed to get the iron painted on my crawlers and the base coat for the green.

Going to drop Morty from my pledge though as I’ve come up with a crazy, and highly complex, idea for him, that would just eat all painting time. Once he’s done though I’ll be asking Rory to pop him up here*.

Anyways onto more painting. Gonna get these 2 bad boys done asap now.

*assuming it works out 🙂



This is the lead carnifex for my brood. She’s got a massively extended nose blade, and the legs of a hive tyrant so she rears up much higher than a normal carnifex. I contemplated doing one of my bigger beasties, but I’ve always loved the humble carnifex so this one it is…

Carnifex leg details


For dreadtober I have decided to paint a whole Iron hands army. But mainly these 2.

Thousand Eyes

I have gotten slightly distracted with my Armies on Parade board, which is all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But I have managed to move forward somewhat with my Knight Castigator.

All the armour plates are now base coated, some over spill not withstanding. Progress is progress though.

How are everyone elses projects going?

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