Armies on Parade – Games Workshop Dublin

By | 10/20/2019

Quick post today about my local Armies on Parade, in Dublin. I was back and forth about entering but in the end decided just to go for it. So I packed up my board and knights in a hard suitcase and made the commute to the store. There was plenty of pieces already setup but I found a spot and popped House Malinax out. There ws only Warhammer 40K boards this year. Seemingly everyone else in the store knew each other.

But onwards with the entries:

Armies on Parade dark angels

Cypher hiding in plain sight

Armies on Parade Nurgle

The over all winner

Armies on Parade nurgle 2

Armies on Parade Nurgle 3

Armies on Parade Weathertop Lord of the Rings

The store managers entry and winner of the staff competition

Armies on Parade AdMech

The youngbloods winner

Armies on Parade Ultramarines

Armies on Parade Eldar

Armies on Parade award

My House Malinax did win this though

I came away from my first ever painting competition with a few ideas for next year. Things will be different and the Iron Warriors may well be in attendance.

8 thoughts on “Armies on Parade – Games Workshop Dublin

  1. Dave Weston

    Impressive Parades, I’m so glad you gave it a go. I think if you’re in this hobby and have something painted there’s very little excuse not to take part. Joining in online is great too, seeing all the entries flood social media over the weekend was a real treat! Well done for your award.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      It was nice to go actually show a few people my stuff in person, although I didn’t see anyone look at them but something must have worked.

      I can recommend everyone try it. It is a nice goal to get you to paint stuff up.

  2. WestRider

    Congratulations! Some awesome looking Armies/boards there. I’ve long wished I lived close enough to a GW to get in on this.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Nothing even commutable to? My closest is an hour on public transport.

      1. WestRider

        The closest game stores of any variety are two hours away. I think it’s at least three to get to an actual GW. Things are a lot more spread out over here in the western US.

        1. thousandeyes Post author

          Ouch, that is rough chief.

  3. Thor


    Painting comps can be tough for many reasons. However, if you can walk away from one with some solid advice then it’s worth doing.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Cheers. No advice in the end, no one said anything to me about the board or knights at all to be honest.


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