Dreadtober 2019 – Week 1 pledges

By | 10/04/2019

I do love a good hobby event and Dreadtober is no exception! The blog for the event is once again live and crewed by none other than Mordian 7th himself.

The event premise is simple; through October you build and paint a Dreadnought like model. Although what constitutes that has grown and changed over the years. A look back through our archives over the last three years of Dreadtober shows that


So for Dredtober this year I’m gonna aim big. I’ve got 2x Plagueburst Crawlers I want to paint up asap, including ideally a little free hand, mainly as they are pretty simple paint jobs compared to the rest of my Death Guard.

And I’ve got a part painted Mortarion that needs finishing.

And if I have time 2x Foul Blightspawn may be done so that I can run a list I’ve wanted to try for a while.

It’s a big ask but I’ll be happy if I manage to get the Crawlers done. The rest is all a big plague ridden bonus!


[Not sure yet but some sort of Tyranid beastie]


Working on a pair of Iron Circle minis. They will be Contemptors to bodyguard my completely Loyal, 100% loyalist gene stock Sons of medusa Primaris clan company

Thousand Eyes

I will be working restoring an old model on mine. It got sold, went to England, fell off a shelf and got sold back. Then it made it’s way back to Ireland.

I am planning on remaking it into a proud scion of House Malinax.

I am looking forward to what we comes together.

2 thoughts on “Dreadtober 2019 – Week 1 pledges

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Always good to be back for another one. Think I have done them all so far.

      Will be nice to bring the knight back to the fold.


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