Sisters of Battle: Base layers WiP

By | 20th May 2019

After a short break we are back with more Warhammer 40K Sisters of Battle. While are first it doesn’t seem like we have advanced much from the last post on these there are some crucial pieces done. When last we saw them not all the purple cloth sections have been finished, but now we have them here in full. Base layers for them anyway, there still are two highlights of purple to go and a wash in between that.

Base layers WiP

The very base layers of the skin have been started, they are rather tricky to get under those haircuts.  As I advance the colours I intend to try give some variations in the skintones, so they don’t look like clones. I am also planning a variety of different hair colours, rather than just the classic white bob the Adepta Sororitas.

Yes, yes I have to drill the barrels. It is something I keep putting off because drilling metal models it such a pain in the hand. You will notice I have started some of the red details. The base darker red before I apply any highlights to the seals and such. For weapon cases I am thinking black, with metal detailing. Nice and simple and won’t draw away from any of the other details.

Power up

Finally I tried my best to follow a lovely guide from Creative Twilight on How to Create An Awesome Power Sword. I am not quite there yet but they are coming along, I will have to look back at some of the blending and add some highlights on the edges. Perhaps if I make up a glaze or such it can draw the colours together some more. With the Seraphim blades I stayed more true to the technique Thor laid out. But with the Sister Superior I tried to think about how the light may have hit the blade more.

So there we have the base layers WiP post for this week. I imagine i will have another couple of these before I get this lot finished. Coming down the line I have some Rhino hulls for this army, not sure if I should try make Repressors out of them or go for Immolaters. Might stick to non Forge World.


5 thoughts on “Sisters of Battle: Base layers WiP

  1. Thor

    They’re coming along great. I do like the sculpting on these old Sisters, but the mono-pose is annoying.

    For your swords, it looks like you just need to work with thinner layers. You can also try painting it all the bright color and then adding progressively dark layers to blend it out. The trick with blending is getting the right amount of paint, not the technique.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      More work to go on them so. I think I did go too bright in places, will try tone things back and smooth them out.


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