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By | 05/02/2019

With the oncoming release of Sisters of Battle I decided to raid my stash of models I have accumulated over the years. Not a plastic model amongst the Sisters, but there will be a couple of Immolaters down the line. I am sure the plastics will be lovely, but just like with my Thousand Sons, I find a lot of charm in the older models still.

I believe I have at least a 1000 point pure Sisters of Battle army ready to be painted. These test models have given me the itch to get them done.

Sisters of Battle WiP front

As you can see I picked a fairly random grouping as my test models, more to get the idea of how the scheme will look over all. The main colour scheme will be purple cloth and grey armour. Weapons shall be black in the main and symbols picked out in white.

For the white it is first done in a darker cream colour as the base. Once that is thoroughly dried I lightened sections of it with an ivory, rather than a pure white.

Sisters of Battle WiP back of robes

Not all of the models have the base layer of purple down yet, as you can see below. There are four more shades of purple, before a wash, to go on the robes and bring them out a little more.

Sisters of Battle WiP specialists wip

I base coated black to create some darker patches right away. Then I used the airbrush at a 45° to put down my first layer of grey, trying to avoid the darker areas. Next I followed with a lighter grey on some of the more raised areas.

Sisters of Battle WiP HQs and imagifier

To contrast with the rest of the models I will be going with a bright blue for the swords. Planning to try out some of the fancy techniques I have seen for painting power swords. If you have any suggestions do let me know.

So there we go, I have been distracted again and the Winged Wraithknight sits half painted. Still we strike while the hobby iron is hot!

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