Eldar Wraithknight – Now with more colour

By | 04/17/2019

Well here we are with my winged Wraithknight finally having some true colours on it. The dirty battered look of the body is starting to be visible now, with the purple gems appearing. I am not 100% sire what all the bumps on the model is meant to be but I decided to pick out the majority in purple. It will be a long process, followed by highlights.

Not sure if I should go a lighter colour on the wings to bring them out a little. Perhaps a different colour around the ragged tears in the wings.

At least some colour starts to appear on the fallen Cerastus pattern Imperial Knight.Short post this week. Hopefully back to my usual schedule shortly.

6 thoughts on “Eldar Wraithknight – Now with more colour

  1. Thor

    All those bumps are spirit stones, so doing those all purple would work.

    For the wings I wouldn’t go darker overall, but I think doing some washes where the fleshy parts meet the bony parts would help create more separation. Maybe try a red or purple glaze around the webbed parts that are torn, almost like it’s sore and inflamed. It would just give some visual interest.

    Either way, it’s looking good. You’ve come a long way.

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      So many spirit stones to do, then two different purples for highlights and a spot of white on the ones that will catch light.

      Yes indeed the area around the wing joins to the back need a lot of work. Purple could work to tie things back in.

      Thank you.

  2. Joe B

    Awesome work Rory! That sword and wings are really eye catching.

  3. dmary

    Yes, loving the sword. The project is coming out quite well, you must be very pleased.


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