Eldar Wraithknight – Giant molten sword

By | 04/09/2019

Now with giant molten sword! As we saw in the last episode of Eldar Wraithknight With Wings (EWWW), it was a bit dull looking. So with that in mind let us see what I have done.

As you can see I have added a splash of colour, with both the wings and the sword. The wings are meant to look more ethereally. The colour is built up from the grey primer with white highlights. After that it was some focussed washes for the majority of the wings.

The style for the sword has been doing the rounds online recently, I have seen it several places. So I took all their patient and professional advice and managed to turn out this, which I am pretty pleased with. Lots of thin layers and a Bloodletter glaze to bring it up. What do you think folks? Should I lighten up the core at all?

There we have it, another week of slow and steady progress. Quite a while since I did such a singular project as this. I have spent as much time come up with the colours and ideas as painting it so far. Normally I just jump into things and figure them out as I go.

9 thoughts on “Eldar Wraithknight – Giant molten sword

  1. dmary

    Sweet blade, man! That’s going to be one singularly impressive Wraithknight.

  2. Thor

    That blade looks great. That’s some of your best work. I know it’s tempting to adjust it too, make a tweak here or there, but I’d leave it alone. I’ve screwed up far too many things by doing that.

  3. Blazmo

    It’s always nice to see someone pushing their painting skills. I learned pretty much everything I know about airbrushing from Angel Giraldez’s books. They’re mostly just a run through of a load of his paint jobs, but it breaks down in quite a formulaic way if you read through a few schemes. They’re a great source of ideas too.

  4. Mordian7th

    Lovely work! Been enjoying the pics on Insta and really dig ’em on the big screen. Good stuff!


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