Sisters of Battle: Nearly done

By | 06/05/2019

I have been motoring along with my old school, all metal Sisters of Battle for a while now. Mostly as I am worried about messing them up. I always wanted an army of Adepta Sororitas, so now I am a little worried about messing the scheme one. Which is odd for two reasons:

  1. I have never been bothered about that before.
  2. These are metal, making them the easiest models in the world to strip.

None the less here we are and onwards we shall go! What is life in the Warhammer 40k universe without a little risk, eh?

adepta sororitas hqs

The details are really starting to come together now. Bases are an experiment I have long since wanted to try. All my other armies have had bases with black rims, so this was a chance to try something different. Mainly as black would have been a little dark for the rest of the models.

adepta sororitas command

Any thoughts on a banner to add to this model? Plan to use her as an Imagifier to grant bonuses.

The Holy Trinity

adepta sororitas heavy weapon retributors

The darker gun cases really helped add some definition to them. Especially on the Holy Trinity of bolter, melta and flamer. A long standing tradition of the Sisters of Battle. Now that we are all the way up to 8th edition of 40K and a beta codex via Chapter Approved this tradition is now a rule. Spend a command point (or two, I can’t remember) and you can up your damage.

adepta sororitas bolters

Every army needs some basic troops on the Grim Dark. Sadly these troops are still 9 points a piece and not so tough, although power armour helps.

Still yet more work to do on them as I wait for the Codex: Chaos Knights to drop.

I did manage to find some time for this little guy though:

4 thoughts on “Sisters of Battle: Nearly done

  1. Thor

    They’re coming together nicely. No clue on the banner as I’m woefully ignorant on Sisters.

    Hellboy is looking good too. Have you seen the latest movie?

    1. Rory

      Thinking of trying to hand paint something on theme.

      I did indeed, quite liked it. Very different from the previous two but fun.

  2. Mike (St Andrews Wargaming)

    Coming along nicely! You’ll soon have a force for burning the heretics.

    1. Rory

      Cheers, the plan is to go for 1,000 points worth of burning.


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