Custodes of the Damned: Rust and glows test

By | 01/22/2020

There is a little over 10 days to go before Squaduary and I am thinking of what I am going to do. I have long since loved the imagery of both the Legion of the Damned and Custodes. So why not put them together? This reminded me of Dr. Dave’s version of the Legion:

So knowing quite how much work Dave put into his models I decided that wasn’t for me, he has too much talent. Then I remember how Thor (from Creative Twilight) always tells me to push my painting. With that in mind I gave it a test shot. Below you will see the most suitably spooky miniature I could get me hands on, the Primaris Chaplin.

Adeptus Custodes - Legion of the Damned - Chaplin

Early stages of the model, very much a work in progress. As you can see I snipped off one hand and replaced it with a guardian spear to fit with the Custodes theme. I would have liked to go for a storm shield and sword but didn’t have the parts available to me.

Adeptus Custodes - Legion of the Damned - Chaplin 2

The base itself is from Secret Weapon Miniatures, par of the Urban Streets line. Although they have a Kickstarter coming soon for some very interesting looking 3D printed and painted bases. Some of the designs have me very tempted.

Adeptus Custodes - Legion of the Damned - Dawneagle Jetbike

Finally we have a Dawneagle Jetbike, because who doesn’t want one (or six) of them?

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