Squaduary 2020: It begins!

By | 02/01/2020

Squaduary runs through the month of February and aims to help people get a new squad built and painted. Throughout the month you pledge, build and paint a set of troops for your army. The aim is to get some of your grey plastic pile and turn them into painted troops on the battlefield. Some models may have been partially built, some may have been base coated, but it is up to you. These minis could be from Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action or anything else. Don’t feel it has to be Game Workshop only.

This is the fourth year of Squaduary, the final posts for each year are linked below:

2019 final post2018 final post2017 final post

Previously I have laid out some stages as a guideline, I will repeat them below in case they help.

++ The Stages +++

There will be four stages, each taking a week, to this:

1. Assembly: 1st – 7th

Taking them off the sprues or putting them on bases, what ever way you get them ready for paint.

2. Basic painting: 8th – 14th

This is your basic coating and blocking in colours.

3. Clean up and details: 15th – 21st

Cleaning up your colours and picking out all the bits to make the mini stand out.

4. Basing: 22nd – 28th

Adding the base or just painting it out.

Stages 2 and 4 can be swapped as per your own style. Hell you could ignore the lot, I am not the Corpse God Emperor of you!

There no hard rules for this event because this is a hobby and so should be fun for all. Getting that unit of Horus Heresy Destroyers done, your Orc Blood Bowl team out, your Malifaux crew ready to game, etc. Use this as a chance to gain some hobby momentum for the new year.

Some folks have already begun with their Squaduary pledges:


Blogs (click the names for more their posts):

Bezerkerblade – has jumped off the starting blocks with a test miniature for his squad.

Folks from Stepping Between Games:






Thousand Eyes:

I will be looking into doing some more Custodes of the Damned, combining Custodes and Legion of the Dammed.

What do you have in mind?

12 thoughts on “Squaduary 2020: It begins!

  1. Siph_Horridus

    Me thinks I’ll be doing my final squad of Devastators that have been sitting on my desk gathering dust for 4yrs… then I will have done a squad of every weapon configuration. Just the Dakka Heavy Bolter guys to do.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Sounds good Siph. Always nice to have a collection to choose from.

  2. David Mary

    Yahoo! Love the Blogger challenges. I’m in this year with a Blackstone Fortress pledge: A minimum of 12 hostiles (Spindle Drones, Ur-Ghuls, and Beastmen). Check out https://262krieg.blogspot.com/ for more. Best wishes to all of the challengers this season and thanks for hosting once again!

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Ohhh excellent, I look forward to seeing those come together.

  3. Ed OMalley

    Awesome stuff Rory! Off to a good start already.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      We are off to the races for sure. Next weeks post is going to be massive already.

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  5. Ann

    I’m late to the party, but I’d like to jump in if I may. For my “squad” I’d like to do the four dwarves with maybe a familiar for the “wizard.” I’ll put up a post tomorrow that includes the pre-primed dwarves and the progress I’ve made thus far.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Go for it, I was just looking at your dwarves post. Will be nice to see them painted.

      1. Ann

        Great, thank you. I put up a Squaduary post. Would putting a WIP picture up by Friday night or on Saturday work for your next post?

        1. thousandeyes Post author

          Just putting together the post now, so will be grand.


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