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Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 36: Forgefiend Completed

By | 05/20/2016

The Host of Rememberance, my Thousand Sons army, has gotten some extra dakka in the form of my a Forgefiend. Mind you he is named Shooty McShootface, which might lessen the appeal. Still on to the photos: Thousand Sons Forgefiend: Showing its good side. I really loved this model, it was great fun to put… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Khorne Daemon Kin Showcase

By | 11/09/2015

Hello all. In a bit of a departure from the usual Tzeentch overload. Here we have some good old fashioned, in your face, slash and hack Khorne boys. This are all from Commisar Feldwick, one of his fun little armies. Over to him: Commisar Feldwick: “I originally was looking to do a Chaos Marine army… Read More »