Warhammer 40K – Old School Noise Marine 2

By | 03/07/2016
Here we have a return to a model I last touched on last April, yes we are back to the Noise Marine. I wasn’t happy with how I did with this model at all so I thought to not only redo it but to put it on the newer 32mm. I have some adapters for this and I was planning on doing this with my Thousand Sons rubic marines, so this was going to be a nice experiment.
Terrible picture but here we go. This is with a watered pink base coat that was dry brushed
with a purple.

Yah for better pictures! This is how he currently stands, the colours aren’t
too bad but they do need touching up in places.
You can see I did this all in a rush, colours have blended together in places.
Not sure how often Noise Marines paint their armour.
And of course the base is the main reason I did this and I am liking the look.
(please excuse the chip on his crest, my cat wanted to play…)

For the base I had thing rolls of green stuff to pack in the slight gap of the base adapter and over the middle of the base, due to being an old slotta miniature. I tried to make the green stuff look  less like it was filling in a gap and more like it was rocky, dirty ground(and yet you can still see part of my finger print, fook). I put a base layer of stirland mud and did some dry brushing over that. To top it off I added some dry scrub brush that I am trying out and I think it gives a nice touch.
What are your thoughts folks?
Remember Tzeentch will tell Slaanesh on you…

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