Warhammer 40K – Old School Noise Marine 1

By | 04/30/2015
My wonderful other half bestowed on me an original Noise Marine for my birthday.  The fun one with the guitar! 

I have wanted on for a very long time but they are difficult to get a hold of and as I found out even more difficult to paint!
This is my second attempt at painting him.  First time I just picked some garish colours and threw them on trying to match the way the Emperor’s Children fell into Chaos. But I didn’t manage to really capture the feel of it.
So this is my second and more measured attempt. As much as I would like to hark back to the original ‘Eavy Metal teams version it is currently outside my skill range.
So I started with a basic purple all voer, to give me a colour to build up from.
Then I just started picking out details, such as the pink on the shoulder pad edging (which seems very popular these days for Slanesh).
The packpack has more pink on it but this was gone over with a watered down red to produce that grim raw flesh look, thanks for the tip Mr Finch. Really notice from this angle how much I need to start working on basing my minis.
I will be updating as make some more progress. Hope you enjoy it.

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