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By | 05/04/2015
Ok it seems I have a lot of projects on the go and some wonderful people who donated bits to help with. Many thanks to Colm, Kaz, Paul, Carter and Steve.
Like many other gamers I have a tendency to get excited about many projects and move on them all at the same time. In an attempt to narrow some of these down and guilt myself into doing them I am putting them out in the public. I am sure peer pressure will help, indeed it already has as over the weekend I received several compliment that jave encouraged me to keep working and posting.

1: Host of Remembrance – My Thousand Sons force. This one has been a goal for long time so really happy I finally have the parts of the Rubric marines.
2: Noise marine! I am liking being old school with this mini and getting to throw vibrant colours on it. I have gone and found a place that does matching guitars in the right size but cannot bring myself to spend the money.
3: Fallen Kill Team – I love the idea of a team that has existed and worked together since the Horus Heresy. I now have parts to put this together but need an idea of what to make up the 200 point team as.
4: Ogre maneater ninja – I want to return to this guy once I have managed to improve my skills a little.  I mean who doesn’t want a super cool ninja?
5: Imperial Assault – I really want these lot done before I start the campaign and I want to start the campaign soon. Although that does mean I should read the rules.
Bonus picture of some reinforcements that have arrived: 

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