Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 5: First Squad

By | 05/07/2015

Ok so I managed to drag myself away from the fun stuff like the Hellbrutes, Demon Prince or Noise Marine and I am going to try put some actual boots on the ground. In this case I mean the first of the Thousand Sons squads!

Kit bashed Thousand Sons.

Kit bashed Thousand Sons and Sorcerer.
This shows the different types of models I am working with, some donated by friends (the left), some old school and vanilla Black Reach (right).
Kit bashed Thousand Sons.
Trying to do my best to keep the Thousand Sons from looking  too static.
Kit bashed Thousand Sons.
Loving the upgrade kit and looking forward to painting them. Those Black Reach marines are had to mod though.
Bonus picture below: My wife is so very funny…
Kit bashed Thousand Sons from the Wild West.

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