The Traitor Returns

By | 08/14/2015
OK then it has been a while since you all have seen this guy, but the Emperors Champion turned Emperors Children Lord is back. I am still having difficulty with taking decent photos, I can’t afford a proper digital camera so these are my camera phone with the settings messed up a lot.  It also involves getting a half decent day out, which means in Ireland my days are numbered. So before the days start getting darker I need to work out a cheap soultion for that.
But now onto the Chaos:
Typically I couldn’t get a really good shot for the front. No matter how I tried this is the best I got. Still you can see the change of pose and the new breastplate with the added colar. Hopefully when I am finished with everything the greenstuff I have added here and there will be nicely blended in.

More basic colours thrown down. I have played with shading around the holster though, which I think looks ok for the moment anyway. I was careful to ensure the sword writing remained as well. We wouldn’t want the Loyalists to mistake the sword for anything else now, would we?
Ok this shot shows just how much work I still have to do on this one, also that a piece of cork has come off the back of the base. Which I of course had forgotten about until now. hopefully the fact I have taken folks advice to try and shade my bases more is showing.
Bonus Gundam picture because he looks cooler than any Dreadknight ever could. Now I jsut GW to give Tzeentch some Lords of War like the Khorne Tractor or Khorne Tractor with legs.
Remember Tzeentch knows that voice in your head and approves.

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