The Traitor Strikes Back

By | 08/18/2015
This post today is going to wrap up my work on my former Emperors Champion who was lured to Chaos in an attempt to achieve martial perfection.
I have really learned a cominging this miniature and I tried out a lot of different techniques that my fellow bloggers and #warmongers have pointed out to me. Speaking of which do check out my blog list on the right there. Fascinating reads and wonderful people (except that guy, you know who you are :p).

Close ups show I really need to thing my paints at times and several other things on this figure need going over again with. A touch more shading and and making the axe a power weapon.
As I look through these pictures I see a lot of things I did right, then I see things like the base I have forgotten to go back over with some black.
Lastly we have my updated painting sheet for my Thousand Sons. Mordian 7th was right. It is a great feeling to flick a few of the boxes over to green. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will get a lot more marked off this. So much to do and so little time.

2 thoughts on “The Traitor Strikes Back

  1. Joe B

    Congrats on finishing him! I like the chaos look on this guy, and the story fits great.

    1. thousandeyes Post author

      Thanks Joe. Not sure I will do any more EC but he was fun to try out.

      Also I keep forgetting my blog has Google comments if looked at from a mobile.


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