Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 32: Army to date

By | 04/22/2016
Lots of pictures in today’s post. Here we have a state of the army post. All in all it accounts to about 1350 points, not including Ahriman. My Thousand Sons are a real labour of love, I know they are not meant to play well on the board but they are the reason I cam back to Warhammer 40K in the first place. Here they are to date:
Thousand Sons
Thousand Sons: Full army(of course now I notice one of them has fallen over).

So I am not sure where to go next with them to be honest, but I think it will have to be something dull like Rhinos. I have a pair of old Rogue Trader era ones that I have started to work on. But nothing has happened with them in a long time, I suppose I might as well get some boxes for the Sons to ride around in.

Thousand Sons Havocs
Thousand Sons Havocs hiding in the back under the Heldrake.

I think the Havocs fit in with the rest of the army as much as I’d want them to honestly. They look like they are part of the force but not Thousand Sons themselves, which they wouldn’t be. But it does make me look at my Rubric marines and think I need to up date them, I think my painting has come on since then for sure. More shading, fix the OSL on the weapons and eye lenses. Then drill out the bolter barrels, that is something I have only recently starting doing. First model I tried it on was my Deadpool Cypher marine, in fact the Havocs actually have all drilled out barrells on the oversized auto-cannons.

Thousand Sons Hellbrutes: Mayhem Pack
Thousand Sons Mayhem Pack ready to roll.

They may not be as good as Space Marine dreadnoughts but who doesn’t love a Mayhem Pack? Thanks to Kirsten, of Hrud fame one & two, I have three more of these to play with.

Thousand Sons Ahriman
Ahriman, Former Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons
The Sorcerer of my Thousand Sons Host: Heka the Searcher.
My current paint chart, glad to tick off the Havocs.

To round out todays post I am going to do a new thing on my blog and throw out a link to a blog I really like and think people need to go and look at. In this case it is the stunning work of Joel over at
The Mordian 7th. Joel has been very helpful to me and an inspiration for pushing myself and my Thousand Sons. Plus he is the quickest painter I actually know.
Some of Joel’s great 30K Thousand Sons.

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