Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 31: Havocs done

By | 04/19/2016

Thousand Sons Havocs With Autocannons

The Havocs are done! Been a long time since I got some more done on these guys, back in January. Despite what it may look like I did a lot of work with these photos, cropped, exposure adjusts, daylight bulbs and they still turn out like this…
Thousand Sons Havocs: Group shot.

Although that may at least be partially because of the sheer volume of shine on them. In an attempt to get these across the line I thought I would try out some Army Painter quick shade, not as a general thing for my Thousand Sons though. It is somethng I plan to try out for the Orks I plan on doing, but not sure anyone wants to hear about that.

Thousand Sons Havoc 1: Showing detail of the squad symbol.
Thousand Sons Havoc 1: Yes photos need work…

My base colours were all down before I tried the dip method and yeaaaaahhhhh that didn’t work out. So for the metallics it wasn’t too bad to me but for the lovely blue of the army. So to lighten the colour and drop the shine I went over the darker blue, leaving the edges darker for shade.

Thousand Sons Havoc 2: More dakka and more shine.
Thousand Sons Havoc 2: Right shoulder given a freehand XV for the 15th Legion.
Thousand Sons Havoc 3: The sarge showing off his symbol. Quite happy with the freedhand.
Thousand Sons Havoc 3: The sarge leading the way and taking bullets before an auto-cannon does.
Thousand Sons Havoc 4: Getting his lean on, showing his symbol.
Thousand Sons Havoc 4: The XVth!
Thousand Sons Havoc 5: My smallest freehand to date. There is actually a matching one on his kneepad.


What do you think folks? The shine will have to be lowered on them but otherwise I am pretty happy.

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