Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 9: Inspiration from Lord Finch

By | 05/21/2015
For this post I want to show one of my inspirations for my own Thousand Sons force. These models are all from the collecton of Lord Finch. You may notice his guys are shaded a little different than other Thousand Sons? Here is what he had to say on that: “I painted my TS with the thought in-mind to ignore any form of bright, over-the-top blues. So I went with purple washes over the blue bases and highlights, which gives them that ‘purple’ theme. Also darkens the model, which made me happy.”

His Karios Fateweave is up first, with an unusual look. In his own words: “And why red? ‘Cause old school Thousand Sons were red, and I see Fateweaver as that Daemon that likes to, well.. Mock.

Of course if you have a Thousand Sons force you of course need this little chap as well.
Now this little beauty is his pride and joy. Makes my poor Daemon Prince so very sad.
I love a good daemon engine, look at the gold on this thing. So clean.

I do love my tracked vehicles.

The guts of the army, two squads of Thousand Sons Just lovely unified work.

Also I now have 3000 views and a few comments to boot. So someone likes this eh? 😉

2 thoughts on “Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 9: Inspiration from Lord Finch

  1. hightimesontheeasternfringe

    Thousand Sons is my favorite legion. They look cool, got the best and most tragic background story and the rules are just … ehr … damnit. So close.



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