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Dreadtober 2016: Part 3

By | 10/14/2016

+++Dreadtober 2016: Part 3+++ Another week has flown past and we are encountering the half way point in Dreadtober, thankfully there is a lot of progress going on as you can see below. We have people trying out new paint techniques, models and actually journeying to the Warhammer 40K universe itself for inspiration. Dreadtober Part… Read More »

Dreadtober 2016: Part 2

By | 10/07/2016

+++Dreadtober 2016: Part 2+++ Welcome back to Dreadtober part 2! As you will see there is a lot of progress being made with some of us keeping a nice steady pace and some of us shooting out of the starting blocks to nearly finished. We continue to have a nice array of models from across… Read More »

Dreadtober 2016! Part 1

By | 10/01/2016

+++Dreadtober 2016+++ Here we are again with another Dreadtober, this is the second year it has run and I am going to jump in with two feet again. This time I am bringing along a few friends as well(see below for info)! After the rousing success of Dreadtober 2015 by Greggles the mantle has been… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Army Showcase – Tzeentched

By | 05/13/2016

A Tzeentch Themed Chaos Space Marine Army! This collection comes from /r/Warhammer40K user Tzeentched. While chatting on Reddit about 40K I saw Tzeentched and their stunning army. While it isn’t full Thousand Sons it is right up my street, so after a bit of a chat I asked could I show case the army here.… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Dreadtober 4: Ragebeast

By | 02/05/2016

I must hold up my hands in shame for I missed a final Dreadtober post for Commissar Feldwicks Hellbrute. This creature really brings the brute part to hell… Commissar Feldwick was acactually finished with this model months ago. But being the horrible Tzeentch player I am I managed to lose it all together. But now… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Khorne Daemon Kin Showcase

By | 11/09/2015

Hello all. In a bit of a departure from the usual Tzeentch overload. Here we have some good old fashioned, in your face, slash and hack Khorne boys. This are all from Commisar Feldwick, one of his fun little armies. Over to him: Commisar Feldwick: “I originally was looking to do a Chaos Marine army… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Dreadtober 2: I like big bases and I cannot lie

By | 10/09/2015

So I finally managed to get an hour to paint last night! So I did my favourite part of painting any of my Thousand Sons: The blue. I love the effect of the blue on the black. To me it almost spoils it added anything else. So first up my entry to Dreadtober: As you… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Dreadtober 1: Hulking Out

By | 10/05/2015

OK here we go. Time for: Now what is this all about you wonder? Well Sincain and Greggles put me onto this idea of making October into Dreadtober, because who doesn’t love big stompy robots. The Kinda Rules: The rules are simple.  Create a dreadnought in your paint style for the month of october.  Try… Read More »