Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 26: All was dust

By | 11/17/2015
Yet again I have hit another stumbling block in posting to the blog. As such I don’t have any real pictures for you this time around, but I have been working!
– My daemon prince, Lord Finch, is having some work done on his wings and I have been experimenting with his skin. Which sounds such creepier than it actually is.
– The gorilla Hellbrute from Dreadtober didn’t look quite right with a gun, so he now has a greenstuff and random parts melts on his shoulder. I will finish painting that up soon.
– I have been trying to update Rogue Trader hero Rhinos to a size more suitable for marines to actually fit in. Experiments with plasticard are ongoing.
Well that is it for me. Hopefully I will get some pictures up before the weekend.
Tzeentch is sleepyOr is he?

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