Warhammer 40K Army Showcase – Tzeentched

By | 13th May 2016

A Tzeentch Themed Chaos Space Marine Army!

This collection comes from /r/Warhammer40K user Tzeentched.

While chatting on Reddit about 40K I saw Tzeentched and their stunning army. While it isn’t full Thousand Sons it is right up my street, so after a bit of a chat I asked could I show case the army here.
Tzeentch Daemon Prince to lead the way.

Tzeentch Daemon Prince with custom lightening claw.

Some words from Tzeentched: “I collected Skaven as a kid, got back into the hobby with Chaos about a year ago. I think Tzeentch has the coolest lore and fits my personality/playstyle the most. Psykers are fun to play. I am currently building a “counts as” Lord of Change out of a Skaven model… My favourite unit is my Obliterators*. They are always MVP in my games and I’m pretty proud of the paintjob I did on them.”

*(Note: the Obliterators will be getting their own post down the line, I love them so)

Tzeentch Hellbrute with an additional terminator helmet to help change the look.

Tzeentched title: “Hellbros”

Tzeentch Hellbrute Mayhem Pack – aka the best sort of Mayhem Pack

Who doesn’t need a Sorcerer Lord with a jetpack?

Family photo, not quite everything in the collection though.

Some of the many marines to survive in this warband.

Warptalons – the look so good!

Pretty sure this is my Forgefiends twin…

Thanks for looking folks, really felt like I should share Tzeentched’s work and hopefully encourage them to setup a blog for us to track their progress.
Blog shout out goes to the King of the Queen Bee over at Tibbs Forge. A painter and modeller who put such love and devotion into his Imperial Knight that is an option in the Freeblade game about Imperial Knights. I love dropping by and picking up a few tips there.


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