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30K Iron Warriors Destroyers – WiP

We return to a regular side project on this site, Horus Heresy era Iron Warriors. After reading Angel Exterminatus recently I got inspired to return to this project. This isn’t the most tactically planned out army, things are based on looks and the imagery they invoke. As such I wanted a Destroyer Cadre. A number of… Read More »

Interview with Conversion World 

We sit down with the designer, creator and chief shipping officer for Conversion World. Currently they offer a service through eBay but plans are afoot to make the jump to their own internet shop. Hi Christian, why don’t you tell us a little about your gaming background? Hi Rory, and first things first, thanks a lot… Read More »

Squaduary Stage 5 – Final looks

The last showing of Squaduary 2017!   Welcome to week 4 of Squaduary! Links to the other weeks: Week 1 +++ Week 2 +++ Week 3 +++ Week 4 This is it folks, the final count of everything we got done as a group. People had a lot of demands on their time this month and a gew unfortunate turns of… Read More »

Squaduary Stage 4 – All about that base

Welcome to week four of Squaduary!   Welcome to week 4 of Squaduary! We are now on Stage 4 of the process, the final push: 4. Basing: 22nd – 28th Adding the base or just painting it up. Links to the other weeks: Week 1 +++ Week 2 +++ Week 3 We have seen some great progress and minis produced… Read More »