Iron Within, Iron Without – Test Mini

By | 1st April 2017

Iron Within, Iron Without

+++ Iron Havoc +++

Painting a Warhammer 30K legion yellow has defeated me. I can do it no longer, as such I am moving back to my original choice: The Iron Warriors.

It was always  close thing with me which legion to go with but with the Imperial Fists colour scheme being such a pain I have chosen their arch-nemisis instead. I love the Fists characters but that yellow… *shudder*

Sadly the moment I started a tester paint scheme for this my black spray paint ran out, priming by brush is a pain.

Iron Havoc with Lascannon

Iron Havoc with Lascannon

Iron Havoc with Lascannon - business end

Iron Havoc with Lascannon - power feed

Iron Havoc with Lascannon – power feed

If you have never worked with those Forge World power feeds for the lascannons then you are lucky. Hot water and bending got the first two in easy, the others kept popping out or needed sections clipping off. There are another four made to go with this fellow and all. In 30K I can and most likely will go bigger with this squad but it is a start.

I play Chaos Marines, but can I find an Iron Warriors decal for a test mini? Iron Within, No Legion symbol without.