30K: Iron Warriors – Iron Havocs

By | 09/22/2017

Hi all, Hogfoot here.

It has been a busy period, not only at work but also in hobby land. A chance meeting this summer convinced me that it was no good waiting to fulfil my dream of travelling to an event in England, so when I got the opportunity I seized it! Ever since, I have been painting like a maniac, desperately trying to get a full 2,500 points of something resembling a battleworthy force ready in time. The army is finally painted and all preparations complete, so I decided to chill out by typing up the next installment in the saga of my Iron Warriors.

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs

Way back in July, Rory was kind enough to share the piece I typed up about my first major Iron Warriors project – the 30 Tactical Marines. Having completed this humongous task, I picked my next batch – 20 Iron Havocs! What was I thinking…?!

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs 2

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs 3

Two squads were painted, one with autocannons and one with missile launchers. The autocannons are Forge Worlds sexy Kalibrax pattern, while for the missile launchers I shopped around the local gaming club, quickly getting enough spare sets from the Calth box to equip an entire squad. Seeing as some greenstuffing was required, I decided to assemble the miniatures fully before painting. This fortunately worked out well, not causing any major headaches during painting.

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs 4

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs 5

Based on a picture from one of the Forge World black books, I decided to reverse the colour scheme on the shoulder pads, painting them yellow with black markings. This turned out to work pretty well.

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs 6


For the sergeants, I wanted to equip them with Augury Scanners, yet found the look where people use the 40k Space Marine Auspex kinda clunky. Instead, I used some spare terminator suit lights, gluing them onto the sergeants’ heavy weapons. To make them easy to pick out, I gave them a lick of yellow paint.

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs 8

Iron Warriors - Iron Havocs 9

And there you have it. Cheers!

7 thoughts on “30K: Iron Warriors – Iron Havocs

  1. Thor

    Very nice work. That’s a great looking group, and the entire army together will look awesome.

    1. Hogfoot

      Thanks, that’s very kind! Despite getting started with GW way back in the 2nd edition of 40k, the Iron Warriors is the first complete army that I’ve had fully painted. It’s quite satisfying to have them all set up – regardless of whether they are in the display cabinet or on the tabletop 🙂

      1. Thor

        There is nothing quite like the feeling of a completed army. Glad you finally got there 🙂

  2. Dave Henderson

    Great idea for the Augury Scanners!

  3. Mordian7th

    Very cool! The little terminator bit for the augury scanner is inspired – awesome stuff!

  4. Hogfoot

    Thanks, guys, really kind! Cheers!

  5. Cheatah

    These look great.
    What is the basing material that looks like concrete?
    I might need to yoink that idea for my own Iron Warriors 🙂


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