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Shadespire: Completed Miniatures

Here we are at last with my finished Shadespire miniatures. We got the game from Alchemists Workshops to review and are very grateful. The models are wonderful and it is great to see some completed miniatures...


Shadespire: The Unboxing

A little behind the curve but here is the start of our Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire review. Alchemists Workshops were kind enough to send a copy over to Ireland for this review, do pay them a visit. Now to...


Review: Evil Craft Sorcerer

So Evil Craft have sent me some samples to review and I am just in love with the detail on them. First to be reviewed is the sorcerer model.

ml lasercutshields samples 10

Review: ML Shields – Lasercut Candies 

Custom engraved shields So I will come right out and say it ML Shields – Lasercut Candies and myself have been chatting on Facebook about reviewing some of his work. I have been a fan...