Necromunda: Goliaths WiP

By | 20th March 2018

While a lot of us have been going crazy over Forgebane I have been quietly chipping away at the Goliaths WiP. Necromunda is a game I am really looking forward to getting into and thanks to The Game Shop Aldershot I have that chance. The game comes with two gangs and I decided to resurrect my old gang from the first edition.

Necromunda goliath conversion 3

As much as I liked the many varied options for putting together the gang I did want to convert a couple. In particular to bring back a couple of favourites from my original gang. A gunslinger and a two melee weapon fighter. Both fun options for Orks or Goliaths.

Necromunda goliath conversion 2

To get the poses I wanted required a bit of conversion but everything was pretty smooth. No metal or resin to slow me down, plus all the extras provided in the kit helps. In case you didn’t know you get two of the same sprue set, which includes a wealth of faces, weapons and arm choices.

Necromunda goliath conversion

Hopefully I will get through the rest of the gang shortly and one side of the campaign will be ready to go.


Is anyone else working on Necromunda at all?