Necromunda: Goliaths WiP

By | 03/20/2018

While a lot of us have been going crazy over Forgebane I have been quietly chipping away at the Goliaths WiP. Necromunda is a game I am really looking forward to getting into and thanks to The Game Shop Aldershot I have that chance. The game comes with two gangs and I decided to resurrect my old gang from the first edition.

Necromunda goliath conversion 3

As much as I liked the many varied options for putting together the gang I did want to convert a couple. In particular to bring back a couple of favourites from my original gang. A gunslinger and a two melee weapon fighter. Both fun options for Orks or Goliaths.

Necromunda goliath conversion 2

To get the poses I wanted required a bit of conversion but everything was pretty smooth. No metal or resin to slow me down, plus all the extras provided in the kit helps. In case you didn’t know you get two of the same sprue set, which includes a wealth of faces, weapons and arm choices.

Necromunda goliath conversion

Hopefully I will get through the rest of the gang shortly and one side of the campaign will be ready to go.


Is anyone else working on Necromunda at all?

15 thoughts on “Necromunda: Goliaths WiP

  1. Ed OMalley

    I’ve done a little work with the Goliaths. They are really nice miniatures to build and paint.

      1. Ed OMalley

        There’s a few on my Instagram but nothing on the blog as yet.

  2. Thor

    I will get those guys eventually. I gotta get through my Shadespire warband, and wait on Kamui to get his ass back in the area for someone to play, and then I’ll pick’em up. They’re such awesome models.

    Also, nice work on the conversions. I’d honestly not know you had to do anything to make those happen, which is perfect.

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      Thank you, it is some arm and hand swaps and cutting down a shotgun into a second pistol.

      I really like the Shadespire models and I am nearly finished doing a quick paint job on the Undead warband. But they are completely monopose, which can be annoying.

      1. Thor

        I’ve been so burnt out on painting and modeling that the monopose aspect actually appealed to me. I’m all about lazy at the moment 😉

  3. Le Verménarque

    Very nice work on those two!

    To answer your question, I too am working on converted Goliath to build a gang based on “The Expendables” movie. They are great kits to work with.

  4. NafNaf

    It’s great you are resurrecting your old gang, it adds a lot of character and story to them.
    I am gonna invest in the van Saar models when they are released. Def my fave so far

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      The Van Saar look very cool for sure. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

      I actually have my original gang, or most of it, in the attic somewhere. Some comparison shots might be forthcoming.

  5. Castigator

    They’re looking great.
    I haven’t dabbled with my Goliaths yet, but I plan on tackling them as soon as I’ve finished my Escher…..and my Orlocks…..and built my ‘Munda terrain tiles…..and my Chaos Cultist gang…..Okay, so it might be a while before I get around to them but at some point they will be done……honest!


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