Necromunda WiP Goliaths

By | 03/28/2018

WiP Goliaths

Things have been quiet but I have been busy, they have advanced quite a lot since the last time we saw them. I am still enjoying my travels in the Underhive of Necromunda. The barrels are drilled and the bases are done, although I do admit I regret sticking them down to bases first. They had to be all taken off for me to start doing the bases. The bases are lovely and I didn’t want to mess them up with trying to paint around the legs. Enough blather, onto my WiP Goliaths:

Necromunda goliath gang full

WiP Goliaths: The boys are back in the Under’

Here is the current state of the Boghall Boys. I must admit I have no idea what weapon loadouts are viable and can be put on a gang, so I built these to be fun. It seems to work. Quite happy with how the bases have turned out. They are quite simple in the end:

  • layer of leadbleacher
  • nuln oil, with time to dry
  • fleshshade (or with the stuff I made up to be similar), spotted around it
  • heavily watered oxiode in a few spots to add some colour.
Necromunda goliath gang melee wip

Close the distance!

These four are the folks intended to close the distance and show their rivals they ain’t afraid of nothing. The left hand model is a bit of a conversion to give him a pair of weapons with a hand swap. Although an underslung grenade launcher and a two handed hammer may not be the best combo, it does look intimidating.

Necromunda goliath gang shotguns

Some nice solid firepower from a pair of Boys with shotguns. In particular the pose on the left hand model really stands out to me, looks really well I think. Looking forward to getting some gang tattoos on them. At a full ten models I have enough boys to swap in and out as needed.

Necromunda goliath gang wip 1

The Boss, aka Senior!

Necromunda goliath gang leader

Every gang needs a leader

That bloody tiny cigar! That thing was a painĀ  to get into the right spot, but in the end it will have some object source lighting (OSL) that should reflect nicely from his chest plate. He got some extra gubbins on the back to help make him stand out. Because of the plasma/stubber combo helps with that., because what other weapon would a Goliath leader use?


Thanks again to the Game Shop Aldershot for sending me over the box set.

10 thoughts on “Necromunda WiP Goliaths

  1. Westrider

    I probably should have left mine off their proper bases as well. It was kind of a pain working around them. At least I’m using plain black boots on pretty much everyone, so it’ll be easy enough to touch up any slops.

    That cigar is a cool concept, but I think it might be the single fiddliest bit of a model that I’ve ever managed to successfully attach. I did manage to get both of them on there, tho, which I’m quite proud of.

    1. Rory (Stepping Between Games)

      On the other hand you have ten cool bases for something else?

      That bloody cigar! It was so very tricky but I am hope it will look good in the end. I only wanted to use one to make it more unique .

      1. Westrider

        No, I did use the Necromunda bases. I just should have painted both the gangers (or at least their boots) and the bases separately before gluing them on to the bases, so I didn’t have so much touch up work to do.

  2. Thor

    I do love those models. Nice work so far too. What color are those pants? I like it.

      1. Thor

        Oh, nice. Yeah, I like the color. I’ll have to remember that one.

  3. dmary

    A very rough and tumble looking abnd of thugs! Great work as always. I look froward to seeing them done. The bases came out excellently!


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