Forgebane: Warglaive size comparison

By | 03/16/2018

I saw some interesting pictures over on Twitter just now and thought folks might want to see. If you plan on pre-ordering your Forgebane this weekend you will know how big the Warglaive is. This is quite theĀ Warglaive size comparison photo.

Warglaive size comparison to imperial knight Forgebane

The answer is quite big! Plus it seems to have an extra gun on top, just for funsies.

Forgebane warglaive front

Forgebane warglaive rear

Our previous leaked photos are here.

2 thoughts on “Forgebane: Warglaive size comparison

  1. Westrider

    Nice to finally get a good idea of their size. I can’t pick up Forgebane right now, but I look forward to when they come out on their own.


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