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Dreadtober 2016: Part 5

+++Dreadtober 2016: Part 5 the final post+++ Here is the final post for the 12 Dreadtober entries that have taken place on my blog. The majority are completed and some astounding work has been...


Dreadtober 2016: Part 4

+++Dreadtober 2016: Part 4+++ The participants of Dreadtober normally show me up, I have accepted that and moved on. Tzeentch has a twisted path for us all. But now my own set of Dreadtober...


Dreadtober 2016: Part 3

+++Dreadtober 2016: Part 3+++ Another week has flown past and we are encountering the half way point in Dreadtober, thankfully there is a lot of progress going on as you can see below. We...