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Tzeentch Demons – Part 2

By | 06/12/2016

I Thousand Eyes of the Host of Rememberance return to the E Tenebrae Lux V challenge and this time I try out using an airbrush: Tzeentch Demons – Horroes 1 Part 1 is over here, it lets you know which ones I plan on doing up. Tzeentch Demons – Flamers Sorry the pictures aren’t great, but I was in… Read More »

Warhammer 40K: The Hrud – Part Two

By | 04/09/2016

Sorry for the lack of updates, I can only assume this was a tough time for you all without my guiding light. Sadly work, health, money, car and time troubles have effected well everythng. But still I have got a second look at Kirsten’s Hrud, for the first article click here. On to the artist… Read More »

Warhammer 40K: The Hrud – Part One

By | 03/24/2016

Back after a little break with a guest article from a good friend of mine and former ‘Eavy Metal painter Kirsten. This is the start of her work on a Hrud army. For anyone not familar, and I am not surprised, go here and read up on them: Hrud article. Now on to models themselves: Hrud… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Dreadtober 4: Ragebeast

By | 02/05/2016

I must hold up my hands in shame for I missed a final Dreadtober post for Commissar Feldwicks Hellbrute. This creature really brings the brute part to hell… Commissar Feldwick was acactually finished with this model months ago. But being the horrible Tzeentch player I am I managed to lose it all together. But now… Read More »