Easy Way to Make a DIY Banner and Flag for Miniatures

Time to scratch build a banner/flag. The Real Broken Fingers is a great painter on Instagram that I have been following via the sites own Instagram account. Everyone now and then this generous painter posts tutorials, rather good ones. I thought to myself we haven’t had a tutorial since Joe from Brokenpaintbrush did his piece… Read More »

Talos Pain Engine – Painting Guide and Showcase

Who doesn’t like a Talos Pain Engine running across the board at you? Well my friend Raven_Sean loves to help people out with that. He is here to showcase his recent Engine. Talos Pain Engine Raven_Sean: I love Aeldari. I Love Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. My Drukhari Kabal is even called “The Lament Configuration” after the… Read More »

GW Paints – Edwin’s paint guide

This will be a series of articles on how to improve your paint, next we have GW Paints. Edwin Moriarty is a commission painter and games developer living in Nottingham, UK. Keep up with his latest projects on Instagram. Paint! Glorious Paint! There’s nothing quite like it for creating “objects of magic and wonder” (thanks… Read More »