Tzeentch Demons – Part 5: Finished!

By | 06/28/2016

Well I have completed my second ETL vow, two years in a row I haven’t messed that up. Last years is over here. Amazingly the people who commented on that post are still commenting to this day, so thank you for the views and comments folks.

Tzeentch Flamers
Tzeentch Flamers – disgusting mouths, pink tounges and green flames everywhere.

Part 1part 2 part 3  and part 4 show the build up to this point so far.
Tzeentch Flamers
Tzeentch Flamers

As you can see Iwent back to the green flames for these, I jsut love the effect. I can well imagine it being a theme with any other demons I get my hands on. To further add to this I tried my hand at some sculpting, as you can see on the bases. Sadly with my current setup I wasn’t able to get great pictures of this, but I think they are passable. Most importantly they help cover up the slotta base seems.

Tzeentch Flamers
Tzeentch Flamers – better view of the flames of the base.
Tzeentch Flamers
Tzeentch Flamers

Tzeentch Herald
Tzeentch Herald: The Angel of Tzeentch, spreading the good word

I do have a great vision of this guy as some ghostly almost sea through creatre appearing out of no-where and unleashing his demonic followers. Not much of an army yet but still, it may yet grow.

Tzeentch Herald
Tzeentch Herald: Sadly I didn’t notice some of the pictures were blurry until I was packing things away…

On the back here you can see the only real additions I have done to this model, I felt it needed to be updated in some small way. Considering just how old it was I think this brought it up in line to a demon and away from a rather more generic fantasy sorcerer. The small cape is from a colelction of pieces I got from Mordian 7th, a fellow Thousand Sons die hard, who send me a much needed care package. The cherub like wings are actually from some Dark Angels tat I was given by Lord Finch a good while ago, eventually I will get that Fallen project done.

Tzeentch Herald
Tzeentch Herald: The Angel of Tzeentch can see nothing but knows all… spooky sounds… wooo….

So that is that for another year, sadly I don’t think I will do a second vow for the ETL for Chaos this year. I am not sensing the same amount of commradire as last year. This may be because I am not one of the big name fantastic painters or because I am have not vowed much at all. Who can tell? Only Tzeentch knows. My vow is now complete, here is what it was:

Herald of Tzeentch
Disc of Tzeentch, Psyker Level 3, The Endless Grimoire

Flamers of Tzeentch
3x Flamers, Upgrade one Flamer to Pyrocaster

Pink Horrors of Tzeentch
10x Pink Horrors, Icon of Chaos, Upgrade one Pink Horror to Iridescent Horror


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