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Iron Warriors: The Chosen WiP 2

By | 08/25/2016

++++ IRON WARRIORS KILL TEAM CAEDES ++++ Sargeant Caedes is back with his roving Kill Team with another few layers of paint. I am fed to my back teeth of painting trim at this stage though, Chaos Marines have so much! Still we shall not dwell on that and instead shall move forward with attempts at Iron… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Iron Warriors: The Chosen WiP

By | 08/22/2016

++++ IRON WARRIORS KILL TEAM CAEDES ++++ (Please note these are WiP, I am not that bad) Iron Warriors: Kill Team Caedes I have had this idea in my head for a while, an Iron Warriors kill team with boarding shields but for Warhammer 40K and not 30K. These were marines who had been fighting the… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Showcase – Tzeentched Lord of Change

By | 07/01/2016

Tzeentch Lord of Change This beauty comes from /r/Warhammer40K user Tzeentched. Reddit user Tzeentched has shown me another stunning conversion and paintjob that once again makes me hate the talent on show. I was never a fan of the spindly Lord of Change so this is just a wonderful take on it. Tzeentch Demons Tzeentched: “It is… Read More »

Tzeentch Demons – Part 5: Finished!

By | 06/28/2016

Well I have completed my second ETL vow, two years in a row I haven’t messed that up. Last years is over here. Amazingly the people who commented on that post are still commenting to this day, so thank you for the views and comments folks. Tzeentch Flamers – disgusting mouths, pink tounges and green… Read More »

Tzeentch Demons – Part 2

By | 06/12/2016

I Thousand Eyes of the Host of Rememberance return to the E Tenebrae Lux V challenge and this time I try out using an airbrush: Tzeentch Demons – Horroes 1 Part 1 is over here, it lets you know which ones I plan on doing up. Tzeentch Demons – Flamers Sorry the pictures aren’t great, but I was in… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Thousand Sons 39: Iskandar Khayon WIP 3

By | 06/03/2016

So I spent three hours on Khayon tonight…it doesn’t look like I have gotten anything done though. But I did at least get my little model noticed by Aaron Dembski-Bowden himself. Always a nice moment that but on with the pictures of Iskander Khayon, the narrator in the Talon Of Horus. Iskandar Khayon WIP 3: Your… Read More »