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Warhammer 40K Iron Warriors: The Chosen are Finished

By | 09/04/2016

++++ IRON WARRIORS KILL TEAM CAEDES ++++ Sergeant Caedes is back one last time before his outing to Warhammer World in a  couple of weeks. Yes I am actually going to go to the centre of GW madness and shock horror play some games! 16th and 17th of September I will be making the trip over with… Read More »

Iron Warriors: The Chosen WiP 2

By | 08/25/2016

++++ IRON WARRIORS KILL TEAM CAEDES ++++ Sargeant Caedes is back with his roving Kill Team with another few layers of paint. I am fed to my back teeth of painting trim at this stage though, Chaos Marines have so much! Still we shall not dwell on that and instead shall move forward with attempts at Iron… Read More »

Warhammer 40K Iron Warriors: The Chosen WiP

By | 08/22/2016

++++ IRON WARRIORS KILL TEAM CAEDES ++++ (Please note these are WiP, I am not that bad) Iron Warriors: Kill Team Caedes I have had this idea in my head for a while, an Iron Warriors kill team with boarding shields but for Warhammer 40K and not 30K. These were marines who had been fighting the… Read More »