Squaduary 2020: Week 2 rolls in

By | 02/09/2020

We are rolling into week 2 of the event. Squaduary runs through the month of February and aims to help people get a new squad built and painted. Throughout the month you pledge, build and paint a set of troops for your army. The aim is to get some of your grey plastic pile and turn them into painted troops on the battlefield. Some models may have been partially built, some may have been base coated, but it is up to you. These minis could be from Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action or anything else. Don’t feel it has to be Game Workshop only.

This is the fourth year of Squaduary, the final posts for each year are linked below:

2019 final post2018 final post2017 final post

Previously I have laid out some stages as a guideline, I will repeat them below in case they help.

++ The Stages +++

There will be four stages, each taking a week. We are currently on stage 2:

2. Basic painting: 8th – 14th

This is your basic coating and blocking in colours.

3. Clean up and details: 15th – 21st

Cleaning up your colours and picking out all the bits to make the mini stand out.

4. Basing: 22nd – 28th

Adding the base or just painting it out.

There no hard rules for this event because this is a hobby and so should be fun for all. Getting that unit of Horus Heresy Destroyers done, your Orc Blood Bowl team out, your Malifaux crew ready to game, etc. Use this as a chance to gain some hobby momentum for the new year.

Some folks have already begun with their Squaduary pledges:


Blogs (click the names for more their posts):


“The first week of Squaduary is finished and I’m off to a flying start! (pun intended) That’s right, your eyes do not deceive you, I’ve managed to finish painting the first of my Vertus Praetors for the three model squad.”

Folks from Stepping Between Games:


[No update this week]


black Templar devastators squaduary

Day 7 – Devastators basecoated.


squaduary necromunda delaque


slaves to darkness the unmade squaduary

Ok, so these guys are built and undercoated.
I absolutely love the aesthetic – however I’m going to be honest here and say that building them hasn’t been at all fun. I’ve built one or two GW miniatures in my time, and without a shadow of a doubt these have got to be the most finicky, fiddly miniatures that I’ve ever had.

Regular readers will know that I typically play Drukhari who are spindly and spikey themselves, these lads outstrip them by a long way. There are two models in the set who have a sort of chain flail – both flails split on me whilst I was cutting them out – at the same place – this to me is indicative of a design flaw. (your can see one of the broken chain guys here – right hand side, second row back).

I also snapped one of the scythe hands from one of the “blissful ones” and that was with minimal pressure. I fear that these may not be robust models at all. For those ones that haven’t been damaged building them, especially the arms, has been really challenging – nothing seems to have fit well at all and a lot of trimming, filing and filling has been necessary – more than any I’ve had to do before.

I think they’ve worked, but a fair bit of it is by jury rigging. Overall, much as I love the look of these freaks I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this model set.

Nonetheless built they are, and ready for painting (just about) a few of them might get their first outing as monster for my D&D group on the day that I’m writing this – and I’ll start with the painting of them next week.


[No update this week]

Thousand Eyes

My Custodes of the Damned have really started to advance now, plenty of work yet still to do though. They are using the techniques I used for my rust and glow test mini. The armour still needs highlights and basing needs to be worked out.

How are your own projects going?

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