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Harlequins, Eldar and Marines oh my!

By | 09/06/2017

Yondu Happy little Murder Clowns have gotten some more models done up. First up is the big guy: Haven’t got any green stuff at the moment so I’m improvising! Only blue-tac’d on for feedback on size. I’ve got some light tack masking tape that I’ve cut into 3mm squares the ones in the background (yellow… Read More »

Shadow Wars Armageddon – Imperial Guard team WiP 2

By | 06/25/2017

Got another few layers of paint on my Shadow Wars Armageddon team. Started to add on the metallics and the great coats. The first post and second post. They are made from Anvil Industries new range of Trench Fighters.  So I went with a dark green for the great coats, a throw back to the Russian front. After that… Read More »