Alchemists Workshops: AdMech Start Collecting box done

By | 07/08/2018

My AdMech Start Collecting Box is done!

Despite and early lead over the vile Xenos, that is to say Dessie, I had fallen behind in the Tale of Two Warlords. His Drukhari Start Collecting Box was finished before mine (and annoyingly looks rather fetching). It was a long time ago when I first started talking with Alchemists Workshops about the idea of the Tale of Two Warlowards and we have come a so very far from that first post. I would like to once again thank them for sponsoring this event.

Now on to the models and the start of my Stygies VIII Adeptus Mechanicus force:

 Full start collecting box of AdMech

Full start collecting box of AdMech

It was delightful to finally have them all one and ready for a group shot. Although the size of the Ongar made it difficult to position everyone. I think they make a nice unified force together, which is my main goal of this army. My previous forces have looked a bit slapdash in my eyes. For this one I wanted something more focussed.

Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii

AdMech Rangers

The Skitarii Rangers have featured in their own post when they were finished but the Vanguard haven’t had the chance.

Previously we had a bit of a look at the work in progress shots of the Vanguard and the Onager but things have advanced since then. I wanted the blue plasma vibe from their radiation soaked weapons, while keeping the green lenses from the Rangers.

AdMech Vanguard

AdMech HQ – Tech Priest Dominus

The standard Dominus model is a wonderful creation, but the more I look at it the more I wanted to convert it. Who doesn’t love Ad Mech conversions? They are ripe for it. I wanted my warlord to stand out and it now does. Standing twice the height of his Rangers. Fairly straight forward spinning around of the legs and moving the torso upright. Quite happy with how it worked out.

AdMech Tech priest dominus conversion

The Onager is a fairly standard, having only had a few details and decals added. I will reserve any modifications until my next model of this. Quite happy with how the decals turned out.

AdMech Onager

Lastly we have what is coming in the pipeline for my AdMech. Ten crazy elctro priests, three Kataphron Destroyers and some more Rangers to bulk out the troop sections.

AdMech Rangers and Destroyers


Dessie has already acquired the new Drukhari Start Collecting Box, this time it features Wych Elves… I mean Eldar. So the race is on! We have set a date for a showdown of the two forces in September in Warhammer World itself. Things will be tight, but the Adeptus Mechanicus will prevail!

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7 thoughts on “Alchemists Workshops: AdMech Start Collecting box done

  1. Westrider

    Wow. Flipping the Dominus around like that is a great idea! Now I kind of want to go digging and see if I actually do still have the one on sprue that I think is around somewhere to give it a try myself.

  2. Castigator

    Splendid stuff Rory.
    I really like the dark green, it adds an even more sinister feel to them…..perhaps they’re Dark Mechanicus in disguise? 😉

  3. Thor

    Nice work. They all look great together and that conversion is simple but effective. Your painting has come a long way.


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