Stygies VIII: Onager and Vanguard – WiP

By | 05/30/2018

Cloaked in shadows

The Forges of my AdMech force continue to turn out troops at a good rate. Despite being away for most of last week and sick the rest I got some work done.

A small unit of Vanguard with a plasma gun (or whatever the AdMech name for it is) was a nice start. Like the rangers they were fun models to put together and pose. The backpack was tricky, with the vox connector. I am sticking with the same style as my Rangers.

Next up was a heavy hitter, so an Onager with a neutron laser was a no brainer. The definition of heavy hitting. Plus I want three of these clanking monsters in the army anyway.


Starting to think my opponent for the Alchemists Workshops Tale of Two Warlords isn’t taking my army seriously.

4 thoughts on “Stygies VIII: Onager and Vanguard – WiP

  1. Thor

    Looking good. Nice call on the brass/bronze parts to break things up too.


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